A Team Approach

Pediatric Therapy Center is a place where our therapists use a creative collaborative approach to encourage learning and growth. 

Therapists collaborate with other, clients, and families to create motivating and purposeful opportunities to further develop confidence. 

Each adventure at our clinic is client-driven and must entail a high fun-factor. 


Client Centered

We celebrate each individual – their interests, passions, and gifts. 

Our sessions and programs are designed to build independence and self -esteem.   We feel that having opportunities for problem solving and adapting is an important part of the learning process.  We incorporate high interest themes when possible to enhance the motivation, engagement, and participation.     


Family Oriented

We focus on the child’s community. Working closely with the family is essential for treatment success.  Family members are encouraged to participate in sessions and meet with therapists to discuss strategies for home to further support development and growth.  



Insurance Information


We are so happy to have the opportunity to meet you and your child. Please reference the following information regarding insurance questions.

Our Team


Family oriented facility with a supportive, dedicated, and friendly staff. Program development and on-going professional growth encouraged.

Join Us!


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